Wednesday, 6 May 2015

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 47

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My sis wanted a hand cream, so, I used what we have at home to make one.  Well, this is a light cream, we can use it for hands, feet, face or body.  Very easy to make with only 4 ingredients - organic shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil, bees wax and vitamin E oil from vitamin E capsules.

I used to buy vitamin E oil.  But one of my friends told me to use vitamin E oil capsules instead.  It works.  And cheaper, too.

My sis wants a scentless hand cream.  So I didn't add any essential oil.

Next time, if my sis wants, I may use jojoba butter or avocado butter to replace shea butter.

Okay, my friends, thank you for being so patient reading my 47th Happy Days Challenge blog post.  Yes, I missed from Day 42 to 46.  Well, I really want to end my challenge on my 100th day.  What I decided to do is:  I will keep my Happy Days Challenge up-to-date and backdate the Happy Days Challenge I missed.  Otherwise, I'll be always behind. 

Please come back for these happiness of my life.

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