Sunday, 31 May 2015

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 43 (May 2)

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Backdating the Happy Days Challenge I missed.  On May 2, finally, I bought a box of coconut water from Shoppers.  Looks like everyone drinks coconut water now.  But my sis only tried coconut milk.  For me, I only use coconut oil.  Coconut water is a healthy drink nowadays, so, I could use it to make smoothies.

Today is May 31, the box of coconut water is still in my pantry, unopened.  Ooops!   

Did I tell you I'm a procrastinator ?

According to Wikipedia, coconut water is not as healthy as marketing experts have led us to believe.

Dr. Oz said unsweetened coconut water is a good replacement for sports drinks.

Is coconut water another "superfood" marketing strategy ?  Do you drink coconut water ?  How do you drink it ?

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