Wednesday, 27 May 2015

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 68

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Redeemed one Shoppers Drug Mart's new personalized coupon.  Shoppers has a new coupon system to have us load our coupons to our Shoppers Optimum cards instead of printing the coupons out.

I was very skeptical at first.  Especially

  1. it is not user-friendly to load the coupons
  2. their system was downed for the whole weekend last week - nobody could log in

So, when I paid for my purchase, I asked the cashier if I need to do anything special to redeem my coupon.  She looked at the monitor and told me the coupon is redeemed.  Sweet!

Yes, go paperless!

Oh, we can still print out the coupons if we choose not to load the coupons to our Optimum cards.

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