Thursday, 14 May 2015

Top 10 foods we shouldn't eat from Men's Health magazine

Well, the information is from Men's Health magazine but I think this food list is useful for both men and women.  I put the list in my blog post as a memo for anyone who cares about being healthy.

Top 10 Foods we should stop eating now!

  1. Processed Meats - high in nitrates, preservatives and sodium
  2. Margarine - high in trans fats
  3. Sugary Cereals - high in sugar and low in nutrition
  4. Fast-Food Burgers - high in ultra cheap ingredients
  5. Donuts - high in refined grains and sugar
  6. Microwave Popcorn - high in trans fats
  7. Toaster Pastries - high in sugar and trans fats
  8. Blended Coffee Drinks - high in sugar and fat
  9. Bagels - high in refined carb and calories
  10. Soda - high in sugar and causes rapid aging

A deep-fried donut, deep-fried donut, a donut, French Cruller, French Cruller donut, cruller donut, Sugar Glaze, sugar glazed donut, sugar glazed cruller donut, sugar glazed cruller, sugar glazed cruller French cruller,  sugar glazed cruller French cruller donut
A deep-fried donut I ate years ago

Nothing that we don't know from these foods.  But I was surprised that bagels have high calories and they are not as healthy as I always think.  Soda causes rapid aging according to 2014 study in the American Journal of Public Health?  Good thing that I haven't been drinking soda for over ten years.

In website of Men's Health, there is another article about Top 10 ingredients we should eat more.  In my opinion, that is not a list for people in various diets. So, I won't add it in my healthy lifestyle memo.

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