Friday, 16 January 2015

This week's flyers are here

With Target's departure from Canada, we didn't get its weekly flyer today.  I don't think we will get its flyer anymore.

This week we have:

flyer, Farm Boy, Canadian Tire, Food Basics, Independent, Loblaws, Metro, Michaels, Rexall, Pharma Plus, Home Hardware, Shoppers Drug Mart

Flyer effective from Wednesday (14 Jan 2015) to Saturday (24 Jan 2015) 

Flyer effective from Thursday (15 Jan 2015) to Wednesday (21 Jan 2015)

Farm Boy [online flyer] 

Flyer effective from Friday (16 Jan 2015) to Thursday (22 Jan 2015)

Canadian Tire [online flyer] 

Food Basics [online flyer]

Independent [online flyer] 

Loblaws [online flyer] 

Metro [online flyer] 

Flyer effective from Saturday (17 Jan 2015) to Friday (23 Jan 2015)

Shoppers Drug Mart [online flyer] 

Walmart's flyer, where are you?  I guess we have to use its online flyer.

Flyer effective from Thursday (15 Jan 2015) to Wednesday (21 Jan 2015)
Walmart [online flyer] 

My family members and I do not have any association with all stores on the above list.  We do not work for these companies and do not receive any compensation from them.  This weekly special list is only a one-stop blog post option for our convenience.  

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