Monday, 1 June 2015

Canada celebrates Healthy Me Week from June 1 to June 7

This year (2015), we celebrate the fourth annual Healthy Me Week.  Are you ready to complete and post your "My Healthy Me Is ..." sentence on social media?  You can use #healthymeweek. 

For me, My Healthy Me Is ...

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My Healthy Me is walking daily - Healthy Me Week 2015 June 1 - 7

Interested in spreading the word of Healthy Me Week?  You can download the file of My Healthy Me Is.pdf (119 KB) 

What exactly is Healthy Me Week for?  It promotes healthy active living for everyone.  There is a 7-DAY CHALLENGE for us to be healthier and more active.

Oh, another challenge?  I haven't finish the 100 Happy Days Challenge yet.  Well, you may not know, I love challenges.  7 days and 7 challenges for better health.  I even finished the first challenge for Healthy Me Week without knowing what the challenge was for today.

June 1 (Monday)'s challenge is: Muscle-up

Why should we build up our muscles?
  • prevent injuries
  • improves posture
  • strengthen our bones
  • make us feel better

What did I do to "Muscle-up"?
It was moving day for me today.  A several-hour workout, my friends.

Okay, 6 more days and 6 more challenges to go.

Would you like to take this 7-DAY CHALLENGE?  Check this PDF file out.

Detailed info on Healthy Me Week

While looking for info of Healthy Me Week, why not try this Be Active! quiz?

May everyone always be happy, activity and healthy !!

The Healthy Me Week 7-Day Challenge I accomplished
Day 1 →  Muscle-up (today) 
Day 2 →  Try-it (June 2, 2015)
Day 3 → Walking (June 3, 2015) 

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