Saturday, 21 March 2015

Happy Persian New Year !

While surfing the web for rose water recipes, I learned that the first day of spring (the spring equinox) marks the beginning of the year in the Persian calendar.  Happy Persian New Year !  At the website of The Social (CTV), I came across a Persian frozen dessert with rose water.  Looks like this is a dessert for Persian New Year.

This is the first time I see a dessert using rice noodle.  I guess we use rice to make rice pudding and use bread to make bread pudding. Then, we can use rice noodle to make dessert, right?  This is a dessert called faloodeh - shaved ice with rose water and rice noodles.

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Faloodeh (Rice Noodle in Rose Water) - photo copyright @ The Social and CTV

According to the recipe from The Social 's website, this dessert is super easy to make.  Chef Donna Dooher shares this recipe Faloodeh (Rice Noodle in Rose Water).

Here is a summary of it.

Main ingredients included rice noodle, sugar, rose water, hot water, cold water and lime.

First, we make shaved ice with cold water, sugar and rose water.
Then, we cook the rice noodles and rinse with cold water.
Third, mix the noodles with the shaved ice and freeze them.
Finally, scoop a cup of faloodeh and squeeze in fresh lime juice (or add more rose water) when served.

For detailed recipe of faloodeh, other recipes for Persian New Year and a video, please go to Celebrate the Persian New Year with these delicious recipes to check it out.

Faloodeh will definitely be our new dessert for this summer.  Now, I have a reason to buy more than a bottle of rose water. 

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