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Maple Syrup Festivals in Canada Spring 2015

Do you have plans for coming Easter weekend?  One of my friends' family is going to a Maple Festival.  Quebec and Ontario are the biggest producers of maple syrup in Canada.  New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia have many maple syrup farms, too. During spring, many maple syrup producers open doors to visitors.  Depends on how you want to call it, there would be Maple Festivals, Maple Syrup Festivals, Maple Sugar Festivals, Sugar Shacks or Cabane à Sucre around your area.

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Indulge your sweet tooth with delicious maple syrup snow taffy

Province of Ontario 

Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association gives us the easiest way to look for Maple Festivals.  Its website lists all the festivals by region. 

Greater Toronto Area

Southwestern Ontario

Niagara Falls Region 
* No festivals for this season 

Central Ontario

Ottawa Region

Northern Ontario

Eastern Ontario 

Province of Quebec 

Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers doesn't have information about Sugar Shacks or Cabane à Sucre.  But we can fin information from Quebec City and Area and Tourism Office of Centre du Quebec.

Sugar Shacks / Cabane à Sucre around Quebec City

Sugar Shacks / Cabane à Sucre (Events in May 2015)

Province of New Brunswick 

Tourism New Brunswick has information of the festival.

New Brunswick Maple Festivals 

Province of Nova Scotia 

In the website of Maple Producers Association of Nova Scotia,  there is a link for Maple Festivals. 

Nova Scotia Maple Festivals 

Spring is the time to tickle our tastebuds with maple delights!  But, this long winter slows maple syrup production especially in the Maritimes.  Please call ahead or check their websites before heading out to any festivals of your choice.  Have fun! 

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