Saturday, 21 March 2015

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 1

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A one-dollar circulation coin
Parks Canada (1911 - 2011)

Found this loonie in my change purse today.  I have never seen it before.  It is a one-dollar circulation coin Royal Canadian Mint created to celebrate 100 years of Parks Canada (1911 - 2011). 

Design of the face of this coin? Of course, it is Queen Elizabeth II.  Who else?

Why do I want to do 100 Happy Days Challenge?  This is the reason → The International Day of Happiness - 100 Happy Days Challenge 

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  1. Hi, I am surprised that you didn't even know it was there for the whole time. No offense. I might want to do the challenge too, but there are a lot going on at school these few weeks.

    1. Congrats !! You are the first person to post a comment on this blog !! Well, I shop with my credit cards. And, I don't have a habit to check every coin in my change purse to see if there are any commemorative coins or not. So, yes, it's my first time to see a Parks Canada loonie and I'm happy about it. Yeah !