Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Weekly special from 8 July 2015 Wednesday

We can order our groceries online now.  Would you like to have other people picking your own vegetables and fruits?

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Weekly Special; Weekly Shopping - photo source: Pixabay

New This Week:
Flyer effective from Tuesday 7 July 2015 to Monday 13 July 2015

Canada Computers [online flyer]

Flyer effective from Wednesday 8 July 2015 to Tuesday 14 July 2015 

Giant Tiger [online flyer

Produce depot [online flyer

Whole Foods Market [online flyer]

Flyer effective from Thursday 9 July 2015 to Wednesday 15 July 2015 

Farm Boy [online flyer]

Food Basics [online flyer]

Metro [online flyer]

Walmart [online flyer] [Supercentre online flyer] 

Flyer effective from Friday 10 July 2015 to Thursday 16 July 2015

Bulk Barn [online flyer]
*Quebec Only: Thursday, July 9 – Wednesday, 15 July, 2015

Canadian Tire [online flyer]

Independent [online flyer] 

Loblaws [online flyer] 

Michaels [online flyer]

Sobeys [online flyer]

T and T Supermarket  [online flyer] 

Flyer effective from Saturday 11 July to Thursday 16 July 2015

Shoppers Drug Mart [online flyer] 

Flyer effective Wednesday 8 July 2015 to Saturday 18 June 2015

Home Hardware [online flyer] 

My family members and I do not have any association with all stores on the above list.  We do not work for these companies and do not receive any compensation from them.  This weekly special list is only a one-stop blog post option for our convenience.

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