Sunday, 19 April 2015

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 29 (April 18)

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Ate raw sweet potato noodles for the first time yesterday (April 18).  Interesting texture but raw sweet potato is not as sweet as cooked sweet potato.

I like the creamy cashew-based sauce, though.  It tasted like heaven!

Thank you for my friend making those sweet potato noodles for us.  It really take some arm muscles to spiralize hard raw sweet potato into thin noodles.

Raw sweet potato is difficult to digest, so, we need to chew them very well.  I don't think I'll make this noodle dish for my mum.  As you know, my mum doesn't have a strong digestive system.  But I'll ask my friend to teach me how to make the sauce.  I think my mum will love it too.

So glad that I'm writing this blog post today instead of last night.  I found out I don't have that strong digestive system for raw sweet potato noodles.  I had some gas last night and I have a stomach-ache this morning.

So, I need to chew my food properly and cook starchy food like sweet potato to prevent having gas.  Does this mean no more raw sweet potato noodles for me?

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