Wednesday, 8 April 2015

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 19

Limited Edition of Orange flavoured Kit Kat, Limited Edition of Kit Kat, Limited Edition, Orange flavoured Kit Kat,  Orange flavoured chocolate, Kit Kat,  chocolate, 100 Happy Days Challenge, Another Random Thought of a Procrastinator, Random Thought, Another Random Thought, Random Thoughts, Another Random Thoughts, ProcrastinatorOrange flavoured chocolate, oh, I remember very vividly, it is one best part of my childhood memories.  Well, there are many kinds of orange flavoured chocolate in the market, but, I'm talking about a special one.  The smell and taste I'm particularly fond of.  I found the same happy moment of my childhood from this Limited Edition of Kit Kat today.

My sis remembers the orange flavoured chocolate, too.  She loves the smell of orange flavoured Kit Kat.  But she thinks this Kit Kat is sweeter than the one we had when we were kids. 

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