Thursday, 1 September 2016

Receive a free Bulk Barn's $5 gift card from Sept 2 - 8, 2016

Today is the last day we can use the $3 coupon and get a chance to receive a $5 gift card at Bulk Barn next week.

Here is the catch, my friends.

1.We spend $15 or more after discounts and before taxes from Sept 2 - 8, 2016
2.We need to hand in the receipt with the following part printed on.

a free Bulk Barn's $5 gift card, Bulk Barn,$5 gift card, gift card

So, hurry up print out the $3 coupon and shop at Bulk Barn today.

By the way, here are the items I bought at Bulk Barn with my $3 coupon.

Raw walnuts and ground almond flour.
Raw walnuts, ground almond flour, walnuts, almond flour, walnut, Bulk Barn

Yes, yes, I should make my own almond flour.
Yes, yes, I will make my own almond flour next time.

Why not now?
My excuse is my homemade almond flour is very coarse. I don't mind it but my mum doesn't like it.

Anyways, today is the last day (valid until Sept 1, 2016) to use this Bulk Barn's coupon.

Save $3 on your next total purchase of $10 or more before taxes. 

I have more things I want to buy at Bulk Barn next week. Lucky me, I'll get a free gift card again!

Got to go. Have a lovely day today, my friends.

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Good until Thursday, Sept 1, 2016

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