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Vegetable Stock - A recipe from Ottawa Vegetarian Society

After I put the first recipe for Our Recipe Collection in this blog, my relatives, my friends and my colleagues gave me their piles and boxes of recipes.  "When are you going to put my recipes online?"  They all asked.  Hey, I'm a 24 / 7 procrastinator who work full time!

But, no worries.  Here is the second recipe.  A vegetable stock for everyone. 

Vegetable Stock - a recipe from Ottawa Vegetarian Society which was printed on May - June 1994 Stamina Magazine
Recipe copyright @ Ottawa Vegetarian Society and Stamina Magazine

Main ingredients:
[Freezable] [Soups] [Vegetarian]
recipe, Our Recipe Collection, water, celery, parsley, green bean, carrot, spinach, lettuce, onion, Freezable, Soups, Vegetarian, Vegetable stock, Ottawa Vegetarian Society
Vegetable stock - A recipe from Ottawa Vegetarian Society

Basically, we just use ends and stems of our veggies to make this stock.  No salt is used to make it.  Also, we can freeze the stock and use it later.  Great!

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