Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Yes, I'm a procrastinator

I admit that I'm a procrastinator.   
In September 2013, I created my first blog " Money saving blog for Canadians ".  
 I tried my best to make it my online shopping aids but I procrastinated my blogging. 

Yes, procrastination is my motto.
I put off till tomorrow what I can do today.
Just like what Ellen DeGeneres says "Procrastinate now, don't put it off ".

But I love blogging !!!

So, in 2014 I wanted to create my blog about my Procrastination Habit.
Yes, you read it right in 2014.
After putting it off, finally, on Jan 5 2015, I have my blog.

Please come back to read my random thoughts, my small achievements and my small happiness.  Of course, my procrastination habit, too.

Have a wonderful day today everyone and tomorrow will be even better! 

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