Saturday, 31 January 2015

Chinese usually buy this for Chinese New Year?

One of my friends went to T and T Supermarket and brought me a Chinese New Year flyer.  Hey, there are cosmetics on sale at the T and T.  But, why the Chinese New Year flyer has cosmetics on sale?  Being beautiful for Chinese New Year?

T and T, T and T Supermarket, Chinese New Year, flyer
Chinese New Year flyer 2015 copyright @ T and T Supermarket

After I read the whole T and T Chinese New Year flyer for the first time, I checked Walmart's online Chinese New Year flyer again.  I wonder why both T and T supermarket and Walmart have cosmetics on special for Chinese New Year.

Walmart has Pond's Cold Cream on special.

Walmart Canada, Chinese New Year, flyer, online flyer
Chinese New Year online flyer copyright @ Walmart Canada

T and T has Taiwanese facial masks, SK-II (antiaging cosmetics) and something more on special.

T and T Supermarket, T and T, Chinese New Year, flyer
Chinese New Year flyer copyright @ T and T Supermarket

I should ask all my Chinese friends after Chinese New Year to see what kind of cosmetics they bought to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Sorry, I'm nosey. 

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