Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Haylie Duff's massage the kale leaf technique

Today, I happened to have time to watch CTV's The Social and learned one cooking tip from Haylie Duff.

To sweeten the kale leaf and make it absorbs the dressing better, we need to message the leaf with olive oil.

Haylie Duff, Kale “Love” Salad, cooking tips, kale
Haylie Duff's Kale “Love” Salad - photo copyright @ CTV
Here is the technique from Haylie's Kale “Love” Salad recipe:
1. Wash and remove the ribs of each piece of kale
2. Tear the kale into bite-sized pieces
3. Drizzle with olive oil
4. Gently massage the oil evenly into each piece

Interesting technique, Haylie.
Next time when I make kale salad, I will try this oil massage.

There is another simple and easy recipe I want to try.
Cherry Honey Almond Granola 

Maybe I make this as gifts for next Christmas?

To watch this video on The Social (8 minutes and 51 seconds) 
Haylie Duff's 'Real Girl's Kitchen' recipes

Haylie Duff's Recipes from Cooking Channel
Recipe of Cherry Honey Almond Granola and Kale “Love” Salad is also in this site. 

Haylie Duff's food blog: Real Girl's Kitchen 

P.S. Haylie, I love your sister Hilary Duff, too. 

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