Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My mum's Tuesday TV schedule - Jan 2015

Everyone who watches prime time TV knows that January is the time we get new TV shows.  My mum checked out some of the shows yesterday.  But she wasn't contented with them.

8:00 pm NCIS - Global / CBS 

9:00 pm Schitt's Creek - CBC

9:30 pm Schitt's Creek - CBC

10:00 pm The National - CBC

Last Tuesday, she watched NCIS at 8:00 pm because at CTV it was the premiere of Marvel's Agent Carter.  This week it was a re-run of The Flash at 8, so, my mum watched NCIS again.  Which one will my mum watch next Tuesday?  NCIS or The Flash?

Then, at 9:00 pm, my mum switched to CBC to avoid watching Marvel's Agent Carter this week.  For us, the premiere of Schitt's Creek was a disappointment. 

Schitt's Creek is categorized as comedy.  Seriously?

Conversation of Schitt's Creek: boring

Storyline of Schitt's Creek: Rich people suddenly became poor and they were forced to live in a depressing town.

Sorry, this show is not my cup of tea.  Not my mum's either.

Being so bored, my mum watched The National and slept at around 10:30 pm.  Even my mum loves Lisa LaFlamme from CTV National News , she is the number one friend of sleeping early whenever she feels bored.  So, Peter Mansbridge's The National won her vote yesterday.

Mum, there are other shows on Tuesday.  How about NCIS: New Orleans or Person of Interest?

P.S.  Are you kidding me?

This is what I read from just now (14 Jan 2015 at 6:14 pm)

"Jan 12: Schitt's Creek has been renewed for a second season by the CBC ahead of its series debut. The show's first season will air in the U.S. next month on Pop."

Different people, different sense of humour, perhaps.

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