Thursday, 15 January 2015

Target is moving out of Canada

Target just announced today it is going to close all 133 stores in Canada.  As many as 17,000 people will be out of work.  Oh, my, Target just entered our Canadian retail market for around 2 years.  Sadly, it failed to compete with Wal-Mart to win our money.

Target, Target Canada

In 2013 when Target came, we were so excited and happy for our dream shopping experience.  But Target is a huge disappointment. 
  1. The store itself is not user-friendly. It is hard to look for things in there.
  2. The employees are not customer-friendly.  They don't greet people and they don't thank people for shopping there.  Of course, there are friendly employees in Target, I believe.  But the employees, who I unlucky encountered, were just only not in good mood that day?
  3. Product Choices are very limited.
  4. Target doesn't restock on sale items.  If you go there on Friday afternoon, you may still be able to get the last or second last on sale item you want to buy.  Don't think about going on Saturday or Sunday to shop.  The on sale item you want will not be there.
  5. Target's products are expensive compared with other stores.

Oh, one more thing.  Soon after Target opened it stores in Canada, Target's computers get hacked.  70 million customers had their credit or debit card information stolen.  So, I always tell people around me only pay cash at Target.

For the last 2 years, I only shopped at Target for may be 5, 6 times?  The last time was in December to buy a toy for Toy Mountain.

I won't miss Target but I hope its 17,000 employees will find good replacement jobs really quick. 

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