Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Noto Sans CJK is not for picky users

Although the mission to search and download free Chinese fonts for commercial use is completed, my friend is not 100% satisfied with the Noto Sans CJKTC (Traditional Chinese) from Google Noto Fonts.

My friend wants to make videos for people who are interested in learning how to read and write traditional Chinese.  She said the Noto Sans CJKTC font style doesn't really represent how Chinese characters are being written. It is only a beautiful artsy font style.  For people who know Chinese, this is a good font style for digital content.  But for people who want to learn how to write Chinese, this font style will not do them any good.

When she looked at our Japanese friend's newly downloaded free handwritten Japanese fonts, she sighed.  She picked some examples to show me how Chinese characters should look like using the free handwritten Japanese fonts.
Noto Sans CJKTC (Traditional Chinese), free fonts for commercial use, Syunka2p

Syunka2p does have a human touch and gives me a warm feeling.  So, I asked, "Why not just use the free handwritten Japanese fonts instead?"

My friend sighed even more.  "Many Chinese and Japanese characters are not written in the same way."

Then, she showed me one example.  This character means "the sky".

Syunka2p, free handwritten Japanese fonts, free fonts for commercial use
Chinese character of "the sky" should have a shorter horizontal line on the top and a longer one at the bottom.  Exactly the opposition of the Japanese character "the sky".

Well, we need to keep on looking for good textbook style free Chinese fonts for commercial use.

I hope people won't tell my friend "Don't be cheap.  Buy traditional Chinese calligraphy fonts for commercial use".

Maybe my friend needs to make her own.  Does anyone know how to make fonts? 

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