Sunday, 7 June 2015

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 79

Helped one of my friends make a very simple JavaScript game.  Well, I'm no computer programmer.  I can only do Google search, test some JavaScript and tell my friend what works in her blog.  She still needs to explore and make the codes her own.

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Cantonese words game made by my friend

We tried many sties which let us use their JavaScript codes for free but we couldn't use those codes with my friend's Cantonese words.

Then, one of my Japanese friends helped us to get some simple free JavaScript codes from a Japanese site.  It is a JavaScript tutorial site from Tatsuya's Home Page.

Thank you for Tatsuya-san's generosity.  This is where we copied and pasted the free JavaScript codes from. (Japanese site)

In his JavaScript, he explains how the codes work in Japanese.  With my Japanese friend's help, my Chinese friend change the game from Japanese to Cantonese.

Oh, almost forgot to tell you the link of my friend's game page.  My friend is a Cantonese teacher.  She made this simple game for her students.

Cantonese word game 1: numbers 

Please go to her blog, play her game and learn some Cantonese numbers.  Have Fun! 

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