Monday, 8 June 2015

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 80

Helped one of my friends add a hyperlink in another simple JavaScript game blog post.  Well, as I said yesterday, I'm no computer programmer.  I can only try as many time as I can to figure out how to add more features in my friend's blog post.

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Matching Chinese word game 1  made by my friend

Sorry for keep updating and deleting my blog entries in seconds, I'm just testing new things for my friend.  Where are my computer programmer friends when we need them?

Moral of the story: study computer programming and write my own codes.

Here is my friend's another game she made for her students.

Matching Chinese word game 1

Please go to her blog, play her game and learn some Cantonese words.  Have Fun!

P.S. The JavaScript my friend uses is from here.  Thank you very much Adam Khoury!!

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