Friday, 12 June 2015

100 Happy Days Challenge - Day 84

One of my friends let me read her Donna Hay Magazine.  Who is Donna Hay?  She is the Martha Stewart in Australia.  Her food photos are so elegant that I always visit her site to look at her photos.

Donna Hay Magazine June - July 2015 - Photo copyright @ Donna Hay, Donna Hay Magazine, Donna Hay, Magazine, Australian Magazine, 100 Happy Days Challenge, Another Random Thought of a Procrastinator, Random Thought, Another Random Thought, Random Thoughts, Another Random Thoughts, Procrastinator
Donna Hay Magazine June - July 2015 - Photo copyright @ Donna Hay

Some of my American friends don't like her recipes.  They said her recipes are too simple and not out of the ordinary.  My friends, Donna Hay is from Australia not some exotic place far far away.  Her recipes are simple, humble and somehow different.  From time to time, she uses many Asian ingredients in her recipes. If you expect any innovative way of cooking, you may not find it in her magazine or website.

We do need to get use to the Australian terminology.  Some words are not as familiar as the North American cooking terms.  Well, this is what the internet is for, right?  If we don't know a term, we can always search the net.

Other friends complained about how expensive Donna Hay's magazines are.  Well, my friends, the magazines are from "down under", of course, they are expensive!  A single magazine may cost you around US$10.00.  Just like magazines from Britain, they are expensive too.

That's why my friend downloaded an app from iTunes to subscribe the bi-monthly magazine.  By the way, we can subscribe my another favourite chef Jamie Oliver's Jamie Magazine from iTunes too.

Anyways, have I ever tried Donna Hay's recipes?  Yes, some of them.  Well, I said it before I'm not a good baker, though.  This time I would like to try recipe of Upside-down maple and pear muffins from her June - July issue. 

Here is a link of Donna Hay's website.  See if you like her recipes.

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