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Grimm ep 2 'Trust Me Knot' - season 6 recap and comment

Previously on episode 1:
Captain Sean Renard and the whole Portland police surround Bud's shop with Team Grimm inside. Eve can't woge and everyone inside the shop starts to panic. Who will come to save them?

Here is my drama recap of episode 2 "Trust Me Knot".

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Opening quote of episode 2 is a quote from a French author André Malraux. "Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides." Is this quote about Renard?

Inside Bud's shop, Monroe feels extremely panic and blurts out, "Rosalee’s pregnant!" Rosalee told you not to tell anyone she's pregnant, Monroe!! Why did you tell everyone when nobody knows what to do to save Nick (or your baby if Rosalee is in danger)?

Well, Monroe's best Grimm friend Nick congratulates them. In order to protect the baby, Nick decides to surrender.

Outside of Bud's shop, Nick's partner, Detective Hank Griffin and his colleague Sergeant Drew Wu come to arrest Renard for the murder of the Captain’s campaign PR manager Rachel Wood. Yes, thank you Hank and Wu! Even though Hank tells every police to stand down, they move into the shop. Maybe Hank's ranking is not that high so nobody listens to him.

Members of Alpha Team kick down the door and see Team Grimm with their hands up. One police officer finds Nick's miracle stick. Oh, Mr. police officer, Sir, please slowly put that stick down. You have no idea how powerful it is. Of course that police officer can't hear me. The miracle stick blasts all the officers inside the shop unconsciously. How come it does nothing to Team Grimm? This stick knows its owner is in danger, perhaps?

Then, we hear gunshots and sound of women screaming inside the shop. One police officer runs out and orders the officers waiting outside the shop to set up a perimeter. Oh, this police officer actually is Nick. He steals a police truck and escapes with the whole team. Yeah!

Renard threatens Hank and Wu’s careers because they accuse him of murder. But, Renard, your alibi for the night of the murder is the person you killed - Bonaparte. Yes, I know you killed Bonaparte unwillingly. Are you going to tell the judge your daughter Diana uses her magic power to make you kill Bonaparte while someone murders Rachel Wood? Renard, just to remind you, Rachel is also killed by your daughter Diana's magic power. How are you going to get out of jail, Captain?

He calls 2 people to help him. The first person is his wife. Adalind comes to visit Renard at the holding cell of the precinct but she doesn't want to be his alibi. The second person is another Black Claw member Judge Stancroft. He has to get Renard out of trouble.

After leaving Bud's shop, Monroe and Rosalee return to their spice shop. Nick, Eve, Trubel and Bud use the tunnel exit Monroe found in episode 1 to go back to Nick's place. Because of the strange reaction Nick gets from his miracle stick, he finally agrees to keep the stick in its box. He also lets Eve examine the old cloth which wrapped around the stick.

At Monroe and Rosalee's spice shop, Monroe worries about they have to babysit Adalind's children. Diana's mother Adalind is a Hexenbiest and her father Renard is a Zauberbiest and a royal. Kelly's mother is Adalind and his father Nick is a Grimm. Yes, Monroe, really weird gene pool for Adalind's children. This is why Diana has super power. She uses her power to make many spice jars flying. When Eve and Trubel come in the spice shop, she can feel Eve is different now.

While half of the Team Grimm is in the spice shop, Hank and Wu go to the tunnels to meet Nick and Bud. They convince Bud to go home to be with his family. Hope the police won't give Bud and his family members a hard time.

So how can Team Grimm get Nick out of trouble? To make Renard drop the charges against him, Nick calls Adalind for help. She suggests a Trust Me Knot.

What is a Trust Me Knot?
According to Adalind, it is a blood oath. Whoever breaks it first will die.

What should Nick and Renard do?
Nick will let Adalind testify at the grand jury to be Renard's alibi. After Adalind testified, Renard will drop all charges against Nick and reinstate him.

If I didn't witness Adalind woged, I won't remember she returns back to normal now from a human to a Hexenbiest (a witch). It's really not fair for Eve aka Nick's former girlfriend Juliette. I wasn't happy to hear Nick tells Adalind to meet him at the place, where she first told him she loved him, to do the Trust Me Knot.

Juliette vs Adalind

A human a Hexenbiest (because of Adalind)
As a human, she loves Nick dearly and Nick wants to marry to her.
As a Hexenbiest, she wants to kill Nick and Nick resents her.
A Hexenbiest Eve
As Eve, she saves Nick's life but looks like Nick doesn't love her anymore.
Eve Juliette + Eve???
Still looks like Nick doesn't have any feeling towards her.

Poor Juliette, she suffers so much just because she is a girlfriend of a Grimm ...

A Hexenbiest a human (because of Nick)
As a Hexenbiest, she wants to kill Nick.
As a human, since she lost all her power, she hates Nick even more.
Then, she goes from a human to a Hexenbiest and vise versa several times as an emery of Team Grimm. After she gave birth to Kelly, whose father is Nick, Adalind (as a human) and Nick fell in love eventually. Even Adalind returns back to be a Hexenbiest, Nick doesn't resent her.

Why Nick is okay with Adalind as a Hexenbiest but not Juliette? They are both equally ugly when they woge. They both wanted Nick dead in the past. I don't hate Adalind but I want happy ending for Nick and Juliette. Am I asking for too much?

Sorry back to the recap.

Adalind goes back to the spice shop. She helps Rosalee, Eve and Trubel to examine the cloth. But they can't see anything on it. When Monroe and Diana join them from upstairs, Diana tells them she can see lines and symbols on the cloth.

I don't know why Nick goes to the spice shop. I guess he's there to be with Team Grimm. Diana tells him she likes Kelly. So if anyone wants to hurt Kelly, she will protect him. Good to know.

Diana draws what she can see for Team Grimm but Rosalee can't Google any results to understand the lines and symbols. Meanwhile, Trubel receives a call from HW (Hadrian’s Wall) to tell all the Grimms to get ready to go somewhere in 4 hours. Nick doesn't want to leave Portland so Trubel leaves alone. Oh, when did Nick join HW? In season 5?

Renard uses his connection to rush the grand jury to convene in two hours. So Hank calls Adalind to go to the courthouse ASAP. But the presiding judge is Renard's ally judge Stancroft. Since there isn't any sufficient evidence against Renard, he rules not to convene the grand jury. Really? Not enough evidence? Noooooooo, Renard is free to go.

What about the Trust Me Knot? If the trust is broken, the knot will kill. Is Renard going to die? Since Adalind doesn't need to testify, this Trust Me Knot blood oath between Nick and Renard is useless. Even Renard doesn't drop the charges against Nick, the knot will not kill him. So, Portland homicide investigator Nick Burkhardt is still a fugitive. The city-wide shoot-to-kill APB (all-points bulletin) on him is still valid.

Now, Hank and Wu have to resign right away. Adalind has to go back to live with Renard to protect her children. Renard gets everything he wanted. What should Team Grimm do now?

At the end of episode 2, we see Renard walks out of the courthouse like an untouchable victor. Who is going to stop him?

Last week I mentioned that my sis forgot to watch the premiere of Grimm. Well, for this episode 2, I watched it just now. It's good that we can watch our favourite TV show anytime we want.

The third episode of season 6 "Oh Captain, My Captain" will be on CTV / NBC on January 20, 2017. Will I be able to watch it at 8pm Eastern tomorrow?

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