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Grimm ep 3 'Oh Captain, My Captain' - season 6 recap and comment

Opening quote of episode 3 is "You will face yourself again in a moment of terror." This quote is from a longer quote: "You will face yourself again in a moment of terror and will learn once again that old lesson you keep forgetting: that you can escape from anywhere, but you cannot flee your own self." - Mihail Sebastian (A Romanian author). So who is this quote refers to? Who cannot flee one's own self? The Captain Sean Renard or the Grimm Nick Burkhardt?

Here is my drama recap of episode 3 "Oh Captain, My Captain".

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Renard is a free man now. Nick is still a fugitive. Adalind goes back to Renard's place with her children. Hank and Wu hand in their resignation letters. Trubel returns to HW. And, the rest of the Team Grimm members are lying low.

But Team Grimm is not defeated. To stop Renard from being the mayor, Nick will transform himself into Renard with the same witch hat which made Adalind change into Juliette. To perform this Hexenbiests spell - Verfluchte Zwillingsschwester (cursed twin sister), they need Renard's hair.

Meanwhile at the police precinct, Renard's other campaign manager, Jeremiah, blackmails him. If Renard doesn't give him money, he'll tell the police he saw Renard leave Rachel Wood’s apartment the night she was killed.

Nick calls Adalind and she volunteers to get Renard's hair for Team Grimm. Monroe is worried about his pregnant wife Rosalee has to handle ingredients for the spell. But, Monroe, you better worry about yourself first. You have to go to Renard's place to get his hair from Adalind.

Back at the precinct, Renard appoints police officer Grossante to be the next police chief. To show his loyalty, he goes to Jeremiah's place with Renard. Grossante woges, kills Jeremiah and spatters some of Jeremiah's blood on Renard’s shirt. Grossante, I don't think you're smart enough to be the successor of Renard.

Monroe is at Renard's place to get Renard's hair and wardrobe for Nick. He doesn't know which tie he should pick, so, he picks 1 red one and 1 blue one. But Renard goes back home to get change before he leaves.

So, Monroe hides inside the closet and Adalind tries her best to stop Renard going near it. Finally, she tells Renard he has blood on his hair and he should take a shower. Now, Monroe is safe to leave.

In the spice shop, Nick is ready to transform to Renard. Since Renard is bigger than Nick, Eve instructs Nick to take off his clothes before he breaths in the green smoke. At first, nothing happens to Nick. Then, he drops to the floor and transforms to Renard painfully. One problem, though. Nick changes to a woged Renard! Nick, you can't walk around woged!!

Monroe can't help Nick to unwoge. So Rosalee gently guides Nick back to a normal looking Renard. But he doesn't act like Renard at all. When you look like Renard, you have to talk like him and move like him, Nick. With some practicing, now Nick transforms to Renard. They test Hank to see if he knows the person he talks to is Renard or not. Fake Renard (Nick) snaps at Hank and asks for his resignation letter. Hank yells back at him and tells him he already handed it in. Yes! Nick you're now officially becomes Renard.

At Renard's place, Adalind has to keep the real Renard at home to watch the 7 p.m. news. She talks about Diana with Renard. I think it's really funny and sad at the same time when Renard asks if Diana killed another person. But I don't think Adalind will find this funny. She talks about Diana's unique characteristic and she may have unique educational needs. Can they just send her to the school for royals? The teacher there must be all Wesens. They should know what to do with Diana, right?

Fake Renard is live on 7 p.m. news, he says he will resign as mayor and go back to be the Captain. He also praises Nick Burkhardt for doing an outstanding undercover job. Good for you Nick praising yourself live on TV. Between a red tie and a blue tie, why did you choose a blue one, Nick? Do you know the real Renard picked a red one?

While watching the fake Renard on TV together, Adalind asks Renard innocently when he recorded this TV announcement. Renard is angry and threatens Adalind if she is part of the same plot. If Adalind is in danger, what will Diana do? Will she protect her mother Adalind from being hurt by her father Renard?

Back at the precinct, Grossante confronts fake Renard. He killed a person for Renard but now his promotion is gone. Fake Renard mentions about the blood on his shirt and tells him the deal is off. After Grossante storms out, Nick starts to feel his painful reverse transformation. But he remains being the fake Renard. When he tries to leave, he is surrounded by the media. He praises the good job Hank and Wu do. Way to go, Nick!

The real Renard shows up and Wu stops him from going inside the police precinct. As fake Renard drives away, the reporters surround the real Renard. He insists he won't step down as mayor. The reporters are puzzled. Then, one of the reporters points out the real Renard is wearing a red tie instead of a blue one. Good observation!

Hank, and Wu take real Renard's laptop and files and return to the spice shop with fake Renard. Eve worries that the spell may work differently on Nick as a Grimm. They worry Nick will become Renard forever. It would be very awkward to have two Renards.

Real Renard calls. He agrees to meet fake Renard at Nick's place. While Renard is not home, Hank and Wu take Adalind and her children to the spice shop.

Both Renards fight each other at Nick's rooftop. Well, they are basically the same person, so, either one can win. To end this everlasting fight, they both agree to blame the dead Bonaparte for every murder case happened during season 5. To investigate the cases, real Renard will be the Captain again. He also agrees to give Nick, Hank and Wu's job back. Nick is free to take Adalind and Kelly with him but Renard won't let go of Diana. Will Adalind like this agreement?

My friends and I can't agree with one thing, though. "If I shoot you, is that considered suicide?" Did real Renard say this or fake Renard say this on the rooftop before they started fighting? I think fake Renard / Nick said that but many of my friends think the real Renard did. What do you think?

Team Grimm doesn't have any luck to find a way to make fake Renard transform back to Nick. When they see Renard appears in front of them, they have no idea if this Renard is Nick or not. So they ask something only Nick will know. Adalind asks if he knows where they first kissed. Fake Renard / Nick side-eyes his former girlfriend Juliette / Eve and answers at the table in his place - the loft. I don't know how Eve feels but I don't feel comfortable about how close Nick and Adalind are.

Then, Nick heard the bad news. They can't find a way to transform him back. Diana comes to greet her daddy but she realizes her daddy is not Renard. She pushes fake Renard and Nick is back his normal self. Thank you Diana power! Beware of the Diana power, Adalind and Nick. She has a complicated look on her face when she sees you two hug each other.

Real Renard is home alone. Does he hallucinate again? Is there really a man in his house waiting for him? "I tried to tell you ... you chose the wrong side, Sean." says Martin Meisner who's a member of the Resistance and Hadrian's Wall (HW).

The fourth episode of season 6 "El Cuegle" will be on CTV / NBC on January 27, 2017. Will I be able to watch it at 8pm Eastern with my mum?

By the way, what does "El Cuegle" mean?

According to Wikipedia, "El Cuegle" is a monster in Cantabrian folklore. It is small but strong. It has black skin, long beard, grey hair, pointed ears, two legs, three arms, three eyes and five rows of teeth.

So we're back to Grimm fighting monsters now? Then, why do we see Martin Meisner? Isn't he supposed to be dead? Maybe we'll see Nick's mother even though she's supposed to be dead too. She will come to control Diana from using her power to harm Team Grimm, perhaps.

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