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Happy Birthday Jin Young! 생일 축하해요

It's already November 19 in Korea, how was your birthday, Jin Young?

I don't listen to K-pops. So, I didn't know Jin Young until I started watching Love in the Moonlight (KBS, 2016).

Love in the Moonlight, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, Kim Yun Seong, Jin Young
Photo copyright © KBS

All my friends know I rooted for Kim Yun Seong (Jin Young) x Hong Ra On (Kim You Jung). Well, if you watched Love in the Moonlight, you know I rooted for an impossible couple. Still, I enjoyed the drama very much to call it the best Korean drama of 2016.

Sorry, Lee Yeong (Park Bo Gum), I cut you off the photo...
Love in the Moonlight, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, Kim Yun Seong, Jin Young, Hong Ra On, Hong Sam Nom, Kim You Jung
Photo copyright © KBS

Even though Jin Young is the leader of an idol group B1A4, I've no intention to try to listen to his songs. Sorry, B1A4 fans.

From a video, I know more about Jin Young. Interesting to know his official nick name is "Grandpa" because he looks frail and tired like an old man when he dances and walks?!

Here is the video
Pops in Seoul _ Jin-young(진영) of B1A4
Pops in Seoul,Jin-young,진영,B1A4,ARIRANG K-POP
Photo copyright © ARIRANG K-POP

He also dressed as an old man in a movie event for Miss Granny (CJ Entertainment, 2014). I love Korean period dramas but I've never watched any Korean movies. Maybe I look for Miss Granny and watch it.

Honestly, he doesn't look like an old man at all. Please watch this video to see Jin Young dressed as an old man and gave free hugs in this event.

[SSTV] 심은경-진영 프리허그, 꽃할매 꽃할배 변신! '800 공약은 '
Shim Eun-kyung - Jin-yeong free hug, flower old woman flower old man transform! The '800 million pledge' (From Google Translate)

StarSeoulTV,  Jin Young, Miss Granny, Shim Eun Kyung,진영
Photo copyright © StarSeoulTV

꽃할매 (kkochhalmae) flower old woman???
Beautiful Grandma (translation from one of my friends)

꽃할배 (kkochhalbae) flower old man???
Beautiful Grandpa (translation from one of my friends)

In my opinion, Jin Young looks better in Love in the Moonlight. Hope another Korean period drama will cast him. This time please have a happy ending for him.

I'm rooting for you, too, Jin Young!!
Happy Birthday again, 해피버스데이 생일 축하해요 Jin Young!!

Information of Jin Young
Name in Korean Hangul: 진영
Name in Korean Hanja: 振永
Birthday: November 18, 1991

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