Saturday, 4 February 2017

Battleship Island [군함도]'s English trailer 1

Finally, CJ Entertainment released English trailer of Song Joong Ki's new movie "Battleship Island 군함도 [goon ham do]". This historical action movie is coming soon in Summer of 2017. Thank you, CJ Entertainment 💗

THE BATTLESHIP ISLAND_Official Int'l Pre-Teaser Trailer
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Information of Battleship Island (CJ Entertainment, 2017)

Korean title: 군함도

Romanization of the Korean title: Goon ham do
English title: Battleship Island
Genre: Action, Historical

Main characters:
Lee Kang Ok
Occupation: a bandmaster at Kyungsung Hotel
Cast: Hwang Jung Min 황정민

Choi Chil Sung
Occupation: the best street fighter in Kyungsung
Cast: So Ji Sub 소지섭

Park Moo Young
Occupation: a member of the independence movement
Cast: Song Joong Ki 송중기

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